Website Design

Our websites are unsurpassed in the real estate industry. They’re beautiful, they’re mobile friendly, they capture leads like nothing else, and they’re very reasonably priced. This is just a snapshot of the many sites we have built for our clients over the years.


Here are a few of their basic features:

  1. Professional Website Design – The color scheme, images, headlines, text – everything about your new website works together to show prospects you are a friendly, knowledgeable professional.
  2. Responsive Mobile Website – Your website looks good and works well on any size mobile internet connected device.
  3. Custom Lead Capture Software – We developed software that encourages website visitors to give you their contact information many different ways at many times during their stay on your website. It’s on every page of the website, but is not in their way. It’s always there, but always interesting and polite.
  4. Powerful Homepage Copy – Our highly skilled marketing copywriters ensure the homepage text gets prospects to contact you. It makes total strangers understand you are the best person to help them whether they’re buying or selling.
  5. High Quality Original Page Content – Our team of skilled writers do their own research to fill your website with all the information anyone needs when looking to buy or sell real estate in your area. As well, the original content we produce shows Google your website is an authority in your area, so they want to give your website high rankings.
  6. Custom Photography – We hire a professional photographer from your area to ensure the website has plenty of great photos of your area.

Contact Ken Lapp today about how a custom Top Agent website with our custom lead generation software will bring in more high quality leads. Or call 604-261-6544 right now.