10 Easy Steps For Dealing With Negative Reviews

First, some things you should know about online reviews:

  1. Positive Google and Yelp reviews influence your website’s Google rankings. But Google won’t remove negative reviews even if they’re obviously fake, unless it includes profanity. In that case you can Flag it, and Google will remove it.
  2. Neither will Yelp. And there’s nothing you can do. If you call them they’ll just blame their algorithm. Yelp won’t even publish your reviews if they’re all too positive, and from people who haven’t given a lot of Yelp reviews before.
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My Notes from SmartZip Webinar on How to Farm

real estate agent’s internet marketing

– Recorded April 13, 2017

This webinar was an interview with one of their customers Hugh Price, from brokerage HER Realtors. Granville, OHIO, Hugh does 100 – 135 sides a year in a market with population 5,646.

This webinar was sponsored by a company called SmartZip that provides statistical information on which homes are most likely to sell in an area. Hugh uses post cards, letters, landing pages, introduction package, very local newsletters, online ads, facebook, and email nurture.
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8 Simple Steps to Guarantee Good Leads From Your Real Estate Website

Ever wondered how to turn your website from a money pit into a lead generation machine? The 8 simple steps in this article will ensure it brings you good quality leads and makes you money.

Every step is explained in detail and in plain language. You’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it. Your success will mean you’ll be a hero to your spouse, colleagues will admire you, and brokers will court you. Am I promising too much? Read on…

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37 Copywriting Tips That Will Increase Your Sales Today

Copywriting for real estate

The essence of great communication is people being influenced to take action of their own free will. You know you can say your message in many different ways. Why not say it in a way that influences people to buy? You can still be polite and gentle.

These 37 copywriting techniques will make your website more interesting and engaging. Your profits will skyrocket.
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Making the Most of SEO for Real Estate Listings

real estate agents internet marketing

These days, real estate agents’ internet marketing requires familiarity with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. In a nutshell, SEO helps your real estate property listings get found when people search online for properties for sale in their area. Someone using a search phrase like “homes for sale in Calgary,” for instance, will have a higher chance of seeing your property listing if you use SEO techniques emphasizing those keywords.

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5 Upcoming Real Estate Marketing Trends in 2017

Real estate marketing trends

Real estate marketing continues to evolve at light speed, with every agent scrambling to make the most out of online advertising and marketing tools. With options out there like 3D listings and virtual reality, as well as the continued growth of Facebook as a legitimate marketing platform, there are plenty of choices to make for savvy agents. Read about five of the hReal estate marketing trendsottest upcoming real estate marketing trends that stand to make a splash in 2017, and how you can take advantage of these trends.

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What To Do If Your Website Designer Is Not Playing Fair

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Hopefully your mother told you that not every business person has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and that some of the ones who don’t might not always do the honorable thing. We’ve all heard of nightmare situations where a website designer starts to demand unreasonable payments for services, or their service is not good, or it even happens sometimes that a designer will disappear off the face of the earth and you never hear from them again.

Top Agent Internet Marketing builds a lot of high quality websites, and we’ve helped many clients who’ve had trouble with their designer before they came to us. If something like that happens to you it’s important that you take control of your website and domain name in order to safeguard your website.

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